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Congratulations! You now have a fully functional installation of CMS and you are almost ready to start building your site. First thing thoough, you should click here to check if your site requires a database upgrade. After you have confirmed you are up to date, then we can get cracking on the site development!


5 minute guide to CMS Setup

As you create your content, each piece will have the option of a parent to assign to the selected Content piece. This hierarchy is what drives the menu you see on the left side of this page. When you login to the admin site, you will see the content hierarchy when you click on Content Management. To change the order of items in the menu, use the move arrows in the content management page.

Content Types

There are currently 4 main content types as of version 0.4:

The content type is simply a regular page. That is what this page you are reading is. Here you can put any content that you would put on a regular page. The layout of these types of pages are controlled by the templates. For each content page you create you must choose a template for it. If you login as admin and change the template of this page, you will see exactly how it works.

The separator type is just what it sounds like, a separator that appears on the menus. This type follows the hierarchy set in in content management pages.

The link type is just what it sounds like, a link to another page, either interal or external. This Link type also shows up in the menu following the same hierarchy rules as the content type.

News is a bit of a different creature because it is actually a CMS module. To insert news into a page that contains other content you would want to put this code into the page: {cms_module module="News"} (You can see a list of installed modules in the admin pages.)
I've included the news module on this page below with one default entry.

August 10, 2004, 1:40 pm
First post
This is a sample news post.

Templates and Stylesheets

Templates and stylesheets are also managed from the admin pages. There are two default templates installed with CMS. Login to your admin site and change the template of this page to see the results.

All the rest

User and group management. Modules management. You will find all of this in the admin pages. Take a browse through and you should be comfortable in no time.


CMS is under constant development and you can keep tabs on what is going on here.


CMS is released under the GPL license

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