Stable Releases

The latest version will always be available here.

Version 0.9:
cmsmadesimple-0.9.tar.gz (MD5: f72e2fcb8d29c70ec512b7a3658195ea) (MD5: 72f23325d06eaa9aa1dcd12b6a66d6a1)

Version 0.8.2:
cmsmadesimple-0.8.2.tar.gz (MD5: 0ebc8f564b8f0471942a08d7e36c1758) (MD5: 796144e0b40065194dd942acdd3ce7e4)

All releases are available in the downloads directory.

Development Releases

The HTMLArea module is available from the modules page.

Development snapshots are made nightly from our subversion repository. The URL to download these is here. Notice: Please do not use these on production sites. Snapshots may be broken, insecure, could cause cancer or tooth decay. Only use in development environments and/or for testing purposes.


Here are some images that you can use on your site to promote the fact that you're using CMS. Please don't link directly to the images on this site. Copy them to your server first.

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CMS made simple is Free software
under the GNU/GPL licence. This site is currently
running CMS Made Simple 0.9.
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