Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a content management system?

    Well, funny you should ask. A CMS is a web application you run on your web server to help facilitate creating a website. A good CMS should be flexible, unobtrusive and help you to make a great site. It should provide you with tools to help the layman keep track of content, while letting more experienced webmasters handle look and feel. It should also provide tools to make repetitive things less repetitive. Like for example, News entries.

    CMS Made Simple tries to do all those things, as do them well.

  2. What are the system requirements?

    • Web server with PHP 4.1+ (Win32, OS X, and Linux all have been tried)
    • MySQL 4 or Postgres 7
    • Enough access to your server to upload files and change some permissions

  3. Where can I get help/support

    Check out the Contact Us for contact information.

  4. How can I help?

    We're always looking for design help with logos or CSS work. We also have a module API that's just waiting to be used. You can also join the RC team to test out release candidates before they go live to the masses. Contact us in #cms on or hit the forums to get involved.

  5. Whenever I use javascript, it never shows up. How to I use javascript in templates/content?

    Using javascript is as easy as wrapping it in {literal}{/literal} tags. This will make Smarty ignore the { } that are in javascript functions.

CMS made simple is Free software
under the GNU/GPL licence. This site is currently
running CMS Made Simple 0.8.1.
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