Version 0.8.2 "Taunoa" -- Mon Jan 17 2005

* Added wysiwyg body tag callback for making htmlarea work
* Added additional color schemes in CSS Management for overriding
the default theme. (BrumalPat)
* Fixed htaccess.txt to point to a better url
* Fixed hiding/showing of Help boxes
* Fixed link content type so that urls are encoded properly for xhtml
* Fixed handling of attached CSS to WYSIWYGs
* Fixed stylesheet hook to actually send CSS
* Fixed phplayers menu to put CSS in with template CSS so it's easily
* Fixed initial database so first user created is not in the admin
* Fixed ereg_replace functions in file management (ntro)
* Fixed bug with uploading images in TinyMCE (#000087)
* Fixed bug with ordering if there are more than 10 pages in the 
root of the content hierarchy
* Fixed additional editors not always being saved properly (#000086)
* Lots of other WYSIWYG related bugfixes
* Removed the html blob check in the menu for now

Version 0.8.1 "Papeete" -- Sat Jan 01 2005 

* Fixed bugs with upgrading
* Fixed html blobs
* Fixed bug with preview path

Version 0.8 "Tahiti" -- Sat Jan 01 2005

* Added Norwegian translation (Roger 'Stigma' Knutsen)
* Added FCKeditor capability via module (not included)
* Added TinyMCE capability via module (included)
* Added versionname plugin
* Added many many module API callbacks
* Admin and default website are totally xhtml 1.0 transitional compliant
* Admin menu now only shows items that the user could have access to
* Cleaned up root directory by moving things to modules and the lib
* Moved HTMLArea to a module (not included)
* Moved dhtmlmenu plugin to PHPLayers module in order to fix xhtml issues
* Rewrote all content handling from scratch for better expandibility
* Updated Traditional Chinese translation (gobido)

Version 0.7.3 -- Tue Nov 23 2004

* Added Italian translation (emanuelez)
* Added more callback functions to module API
* Added config.php option to disable sending translations to htmlarea 
* Added active/inactive toggle in Content Management (Xorn725)
* Added categories and other fixes to the News module (calguy1000)
* Added breadcrumbs and sitemap plugins (Manarth)
* Added clear cache button to site preferences (#000055)
* Fixed syntax highlighting not submitting data of second textarea.
* Fixed HTMLArea to display properly with all languages, even if some
still default to en_US
* Fixed bug with handling of aliases in add/editcontent
* Fixed bug with relative paths in dhtmlmenu
* Fixed changing ownership of html blobs
* Fixed displaying html_blobs in modules with executeuser
* Fixed HTML bug in print module (#000048)
* Fixed error message with Deleting templates (Part of #000047)
* Fixed check_ownership and check_authorship to be more consistant 
* Fixed htmlarea so that it doesn't convert double quotes in " and
mess up smarty tags
* Reenabled Image Manager
* Removed Allow Admin Access from add/edit user
* Updated adodb to 4.54

Version 0.7.2 -- Wed Nov 10 2004

* Added missing edit links to titles in CSS and News admin (#000035)
* Added ability to invert the foreground/background color of htmlarea 
* Added search and replace to htmlarea
* Added ability to clean pastes from Microsoft Word in htmlarea
* Added pagination to majority of admin list pages
* Added google search plugin
* Added google pagerank plugin
* Added Expand/Collapse plugin
* Added print page plugin
* Added strip_tags to RSS output in News module (#000042)
* Changed en_US to UTF-8
* Changed with of add and edit html blob pages
* Changed all template lists to be ordered by template name (#000038)
* Changed edit html blob so that is only modifies the timestamps of pages it 
is actually used on.
* Changed all user lists to be ordered by username (#000039)
* Changed add content so that the alias is based off of menutext instead of
the title
* Changed upgrade script so that it always clears the cache directories even
if there is no schema change.
* Fixed custom 404 error template usage
* Fixed add and edit content pages so that the alias field is more intelligent
when auto_alias_content is on (#000043)
* Fixed login to redirect back to originally requested link
* Fixed stupid encoding issue with cms_htmlentities
* Fixed htmlarea not loading due to a notice level error (#0000034)
* Fixed a few problems with htmlarea's fullscreen not working in Internet 
* Fixed htmlblob to fill the width of the screen (#0000037)
* Updated Smarty to 2.6.6 (jope)

Version 0.7.1 -- Wed Oct 26 2004

* Added check for session functions to install script (#000004)
* Added newline parsing to the comments module (#000011)
* Added encoding override on templates.  Fixed bugs with
htmlentities. (#000002, #000006)
* Added missing CSS to the horizontal menu (#000008)
* Added check to lang/ to make sure line doesn't already
exist (#000017)
* Added German translation (Piratos)
* Added Czech translation (peca)
* Added new div and swaptitledate parameter to News module
* Fixed a bug when hitting cancel on the login page (#000029)
* Fixed bug when not saving all fields when adding a user
* Fixed html blobs so that they can  handle smarty functions
inside of them.
* Fixed email in add/edit user to accept 255 characters (#000003)
* Fixed htmlblob NOTICE level messages (#000005)
* Fixed delete confirmation text in file management (#000012)
* Fixed java syntax highlighting to submit if advnaced wasn't
expanded (#0000016)
* Removed most references to BBCode without breaking backwards
compatibility (#000013)
* Removed a rogue div from the Comments module (#000010)
* Fixed htmlarea displaying inproper align values (#0000021)
* Fixed css not properly displaying in htmlarea until post
* Fixed default language on login page to default to english.
* Changed the header slogan to be text instead of an image

Version 0.7 -- Mon Oct 11 2004

* Added HTML blobs for easy administration of small
chunks of html (Genie #3)
* Added Image Manager to the files section for
advanced image handling functions
* Added horizontal option to dhtmlmenu (leen)
* Added new admin style
* Added new install and upgrade look
* Added language as a user perference and also moved
it to the login page
* Added java based syntax highlighting as a user preference
* Added support for mysql 4.1+ using the mysqli
adodb driver
* Added cancel link to login page that redirects back to
site (Genie #6)
* Added auto_upgrade functionality to modules (Genie #4)
* Added more intelligent handling of file types to file
* Added ability to override the default encoding of the
whole site, admin included (Genie #15)
* Fixed News module so that post date shows on newly
created items (Genie #5)
* Fixed bug with start and end dates when adding new News
item (BamaRob)
* Fixed missing template option for News module (trac #67)
* Updated adodb to 4.53

Version 0.6.3 -- Wed Sep 22 2004 

* Fixed a very bad bug where you can login with no password

Version 0.6.2 -- Mon Sep 20 2004 

* Added Chinese translations (ray)
* Added dateformat parameter to News
* Added showtemplate parameter to moduleinterface.php, so you can do things
like show just an RSS feed and nothing else.
* Fixed a bug with html entities not getting converted properly after preview
or saved. (Fixes #62, #65)
* Fixed bug with bug with news when it's the content type.
* Updated the defalt website to be a little more up to date with the current
feature set

Version 0.6.1 -- Tue Sep 14 2004

* Added section header content type
* Added cms_selflink plugin
* Added some functionality to the News module (make sure you upgrade it)
* Added Dutch translation (Thijs)
* Changed login and logout to work properly in IIS (Fixes #60)
* Fixed a bug with view page in listcontent (Fixes #61)
* Fixed so only content pages can be set as default (Fixes #59)
* Started moving code to an easy object oriented design
* Updated smarty to 2.6.5

Version 0.6 -- Wed Sep 01 2004

* Added User Defined Tags (user defined php code editable in the admin)
* Added advanced CSS management for doing CSS in chunks instead of entirely
in the template
* Added Finnish translation
* Added user defined 404 messages
* Added site down message
* Added site preferences page
* Added head tags field for putting text into the 
tag * Changed layout of add and edit content pages to make for less scrolling * More changes to the admin site look * Removed gettext and instead are using a homegrown system with less weird dependencies and is easier to create new translations Version 0.5.1 -- Wed Aug 25 2004 ----------------- * Added assume_mod_rewrite to config if using the .htaccess and mod_rewrite functionality * Added automatic aliases option * Added character map to the WYSIWYG * Added collapsable help blurbs to some admin pages * Fixed upgrade path from 0.1 through to 0.5.1 * Fixed up the admin stylesheet so it's more cross-browser friendly * Fixed a bug with PATH_INFO * Fixed a bug with Call-time pass-by-reference Warning * Re-added phplayers-menu.css : users should however move its content to their template. Version 0.5 -- Sun Aug 22 2004 ----------------- * Added page aliases * Added htaccess file to make pretty page aliases * Added new admin stylesheet (Bewbs) * Added new admin icons (Graeme) * Added file manager * Added LinkBlog module * Added RSS module * Added PostgreSQL 7 support * Added phpdoc strings to many files and functions * Added module and tag self-documentation hooks * Added ability for module's adminexecute function to use the wysiwyg * Added more options to dhtmlmenu and bulletmenu * Changed modules page to be called plugins. Added tags to same page. * Changed config file to a new format. Upgrade script will take care up upgrading it automatically. * Changed inner workings so that code is easier to understand. We now pass one global object around and put important variables and objects inside it. Makes the code very consistent. * Changed inner working of the content hierarchy to allow for more custom menus. * Fixed modules to respect the installed and active flags * Lots of little bug fixes and changes * Removed lots of NOTICE level errors * Updated adodb to 4.5.2 Version 0.4.1 -- Fri Aug 13 2004 ----------------- * Added template copying functionality (Fixes #39) * Added checks to make sure Template titles can't be reused * Added function to set template to every page (Fixes #42) * Added config flag for turning on smarty's tags (Fixes #47) * Added config flag for setting preview tmp file location (Fixes #36) * Fixed redirection bugs in the news module * Fixed a bug in adding a group * Fixed a bug where mysql imports would not work because of spaces at the end of lines (Knaldgas) * Fixed another bug with mysql import... this time with magic_quotes_runtime * Fixed several warnings and notices in later php versions * Fixed all call_user_func_array calls to pass by value, ref is deprecated in later php versions * Removed the section permissions in new installs (Fixes #41) * Removed all instances of the now() function -- for sql independence Version 0.4 -- Tue Aug 10 2004 ----------------- * Added module API * Added news module * Added comments module * Added copyright notice to bottom on all generated pages in a comment * Added dhtml menu plugin using phplayers * Added hierarchical content * Fixed modified_date plugin * Fixed several bugs with permissions * Removed sections. Instead we have content be children of other content * Rewrote plugin loading so that plugins do not cache, even thought static content does * Rewrote install script to be more cross-database (even though other db systems are not supported yet) * Switched WYSIWYGs from tinymce to htmlarea Version 0.3.2 -- Thu Jul 29 2004 ----------------- * Added version check to install.php * Added check to make sure bbcode exists before using it * Fixed link to cmsmadesimple in footer * Fixed bug in displaying 404 pages * Fixed a nasty bug where link pages would file to show in the content list * Fixed addcontent so it sets showinmenu correctly Version 0.3.1 -- Tue Jul 27 2004 ----------------- * Added ownership change to editcontent * Added {title} tag (Fixes #23) * Added adodb for database connectivity. Will be a good thing for down the road in supporting multiple databases * Added template name to content list page (Fixes #28) * Added check to make sure users don't still own pages before the user is deleted * Added French translation ( * Fixed so that if no default page is set, system grabs first page it can find (Fixes #22) * Fixed redirection. ( (Fixes #27) * Fixed nasty bug with changeperm and changeassign ( (Fixes #29, #30) Version 0.3 -- Wed Jul 21 2004 ----------------- * Added PEAR.php to the lib directory for hosts that may not have it (Fixes #13) * Added section reordering (Fixes #4) * Added index to tables to make querying faster on the frontend (Fixes #1) * Added password hashing for insecure hosts (Fixes #11) * Added content types to content creation and editing (Fixes #5) * Added the link content type * Added proper 404 error for pages that are not found or active (Fixes #18) * Added admin logging and a simple report (Fixes #21) * Added TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for content (Fixes #10) * Added user preferences page * Added option to turn on/off wysiwyg in user preferences * Changed database abstraction so that it will be able to use other db backends in the future (Fixes #19) * Fixed the install script (again) to work on Win32 (Fixes #12) * Fixed the css for admin site to be a little more streamlined Version 0.2.1 -- Tue Jul 13 2004 ----------------- * Added GetText.php to work with systems even without gettext support in php * Added gettext functionality to all admin pages * Added some missing mysql_free_result functions * Added preview functionality for adding and editing content and templates * Changed content url entries to automatically be lowercase with no odd chars * Changed admin login page so username field gets focus on load * Changed install.php so that it removes the test files created on page 1 * Fixed editing content so that changing sections does not mess up ordering * Fixed the install script so that it works correctly on Win32 platforms * Moved stylesheets to display inline instead of from separate script * Moved menu generation code out of the bulletmenu plugin Version 0.2 -- Mon Jul 05 2004 ----------------- * Added content reordering * Added ability to let additional users modify content on a particular page * Added note to show if a template or section is still being used before it is deleted * Added a cms_version plugin * Added an upgrade.php * Added a title to the admin pages * Added an UPGRADE document * Fixed a security hole where incactive pages can still be called by URL * Fixed a bug in show in menu in both admin and bulletmenu * Fixed up install.php to fit the look of the admin seciton * Fixed the footer plugin to not have multiple divs * Fixed the wording of INSTALL to match the text in install.php * Fixed it so users can change their own password * Fixed it so textareas are filled proeperly with html encoded characters * Upgraded schema to version 2 * Removed some code from install.php that was breaking on non-posix systems Version 0.1 -- Thu Jul 01 2004 ----------------- * Initial Release 
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